Monday, 18 August 2014


5th Conference on the Preservation of Archaeological Remains In Situ (PARIS 5).

Where? Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
When? 12-18 April 2015

International legislation like the International Lake Constance Conference or Valetta Treaty, call for the "conservation and maintenance of the archaeological heritage, preferably in situ". Since 1996 research into in situ preservation has been presented at a series of international conferences: Preserving Archaeological Remains In Situ (PARIS).  The fifth of these conferences will be held in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland in April 2015.

The key aim of the conference is to present and discuss the latest knowledge, focusing on long term studies of degradation and monitoring of archaeological sites preserved in situ in urban, rural and marine environments.

The multidisciplinary nature of the previous PARIS conferences, bringing together scientists  heritage managers and policy makers, was one of their main strengths. 

Considering this the organizers call for presentations from practitioners and stakeholders to cover 6 themes:
  • Preserving the archaeology of the Lake Constance area
  • Past mitigation: Successes and failures
  • Preservation in a changing climate and in extreme environments
  • Degradation processes and rates of degradation
  • First things first: Priorities for preservation
  • (Monitoring) + Mitigation

All sessions will be led by a chairman who will both evaluate and comment upon the presentations.

These presentations are planned to be published by Maney Publishing in a special volume edition of Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites.

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