Monday, 20 May 2013

NEW EVENT: Underwater Archaeology Summer School in Malta

3rd - 23rd June 2013

This twenty-day summer school is based on a balanced mix of practical experience, lectures, site visits and seminars. Excavation and survey work will be carried out on the site of a Roman shipwreck first excavated by Honor Frost in 1967. It is situated in shallow (-12 meters), clear and sheltered waters. Experts from the University of Malta and other professional agencies involved in heritage management an protection will contribute to this intensive and rewarding course.

Day to day Programme:

Day 1 Arrival

Day 2 Orientation Day

Day 3 Preparation of site - Frost's 1967 excavation

Day 4 Orientation dives - Work since 1967

Day 5 Laying of baselines-work on 'ELBOW' - Posidonoa Oceanica

Day 6 Elbow Conservation I

Day 7 Site Visit Maritime Museum - Afternoon off

Day 8 Elbow Conservation II

Day 9 Elbow - Underwater photography

Day 10 Setting up of grid on Area K, survey and searches underwater

Day 11 Area K - Harbour reconstruction

Day 12 Area K - Technical diving

Day 13 Site Visit Ancient Pottery Burmarrad

Day 14 Area K - Drawing artifacts

Day 15 Area K - Remote sensing I

Day 16 Area K - Remote sensing II

Day 17 Area K - Conservation III

Day 18 Demobilization of grid/raft-Student presentations

Day 19 Swim searches - Student presentations

Day 20 Site Visit Gozo: Xlendi Bay and Museum

Day 21 Farewell Dinner

Day 22 Depart

The summer school will be led by Dr Timmy Gambin from the University of Malta with the participation of Professor Jeremy Green. For further details about the summer school please consult the website.

Please send you enquiries to Mario Cassar at

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