Tuesday, 11 June 2013

NEW EVENT: Risky Business? Risk Management in Development-Led Archaeology

As a key decision maker in your organisation are you aware of the legal responsibilities you carry when conducting your business or the penalties that may apply when something goes wrong? Do you, for instance, know whether or not archaeological fieldwork is covered by CDM Regulations? Whether your insurance policy covers you for staff working at depths over 2m? Whether as a Director or officer of a private business you are covered by appropriate liability insurance? Do you believe that better procurement methods should be used in commissioning archaeological practices? That Measured Contracts in archaeology would benefit the archaeological profession? Do you want to know how the sector is performing?

Given the risk can you afford not to attend this year’s FAME Forum?

We have put together a varied programme which we believe will help businesses to run more effectively and to work more safely with less individual and corporate risk by applying more sophisticated criteria to the selection process.

Topping it off will be the public launch of the annual State of the Market survey and quinquennial Profiling the Profession survey.
Places will be restricted so book early at gbrown@pre-construct.com. 
FAME members are entitled to two free tickets and tickets for non-members are £50 each with lunch and refreshments are provided. If you are not currently a FAME member, but would like details of how to join contact Hester Cooper-Reade at Hester.Cooper-Reade@albion-arch.com

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